Multiplex Angulus

Current Series – In Camera Multi-Exposure

About this Series

In the realm of visual expression, I embark upon a journey of introspection and investigation, seeking to unravel the enigmatic tapestry of human perception. As a photographer, my lens becomes a conduit through which I explore the complexities of reality, exposing the layers of meaning that lie beneath the surface.

Drawing inspiration from the nuanced world of objects and symbols, I capture glimpses of familiar life, transforming them into potent visual metaphors that provoke contemplation. Through my lens, I navigate the blurred boundaries between representation and abstraction, presenting a visual language that defies conventional interpretation.

Like my esteemed predecessors, I am fascinated by the interplay of form, color, and texture. Just as brushstroke and canvas meld in a painter’s hand, my camera becomes an extension of my artistic expression, capturing fragments of the physical world and transmuting them into evocative compositions that invite dialogue and interpretation.

To me, photography is more than a visual medium; it is a vehicle for understanding, a tool for unlocking the mysteries that lie beneath the surface of our collective consciousness. It is through my work that I strive to bridge the gap between the ephemeral and the eternal, inviting viewers to engage in the duality of existence and the infinite possibilities that reside within.

With a humbled reverence for the greats who pioneered artistic exploration, I present my photographs as a homage to the legacy of experimentation and innovation. I invite viewers to question the nature of perception, to challenge the boundaries of traditional artistic conventions, and to embark upon an intellectual and sensory journey that transcends the confines of the visual realm.